Dota 2 is the most trendier multiplayer game based on the battle considering two teams that perform to defend the massive structure. The players of the games are known as heroes, and they have to perform their best to reach a higher rating as this game has different rating leagues. Several players buy packages for the boosting, and the cheap MMR boosting services are available on the internet. The players are mainly divided into two sections, known as core & support.

Different leagues of the mmr


This is the highest league that can be achieved by the player by performing his best in the Dota 2 game. This achievement is mainly gained by the professional as well as semi professional players. The players involved in this league have high gaming skills and are well-recognized players.


This league is basically the mark of entering the player in the advanced level of the game. From this stage, he will face the highly skilled players. In addition, if you have reached this league, it is sure that you are good at this game. This is the level just below the topmost tier of this game. Source for more about mmr boost.


If you are using the cheap mmr boosting to reach to the next level of the league, this is the best step from the previous league. You also want to acquire the professional mechanical skills to reach this level and also the good sense of managing the games.


The legend is the most common player base for the majority of the players who are regularly playing this game. Moreover, to reach this level of the league, you must have several years of experience in gaming. Nut the legend player have to try their best to reach to another league.